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The Most Shocking Discovery of World History Ever Proved

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The Most Shocking Discovery of World History Ever Proved


Thankfully forwarded asap by your friend to you through email attachment & presented here highlights unmistakable PROOF that a horrible deception, rather than a democracy, has long governed America.

* This report solves all the major crimes of history in one simple analysis. *
This is stated without exaggeration. The proof is outlined, please check it out now.

A hidden form of government termed a "Cryptocracy" has taken over America, which is explained more in this document. The American people should now unite for JUSTICE - together with the rest of the people of the world.

There is a hidden language abound in the mainstream press and our history books. This language is a coded language of world government numerics (originally derived from ancient mystery religions). This is highlighted in this analysis.

If you ever have read George Orwell's 1984, you should have no problem understanding the message of this report. Beware, it is much scarier than a Steven King novel and more occultic than Harry Potter. In short, mass serial killers have long been/are running the world.

Precise unmistakable proof is highlighted in this review of world history. Please read, verify, and share with your friends.

I am just one little guy, and I can't do 1 millionth of the legwork to get this information out by myself. Please help out, as you will actually be safer in the future with everyone soon knowing about this. It is copyright free for rebroadcast. Radio stations should air this information to inform prior to Martial Law. There is an MP3 to download in the FTP directory linked on the leftside of this page. It's pretty darn important, as you will see. A 10 minute video based on this report can be viewed here: (video presentation of ebook)

Please forward this link, to everyone you know and more! You and your friends are definitely much safer with everyone knowing about how we are being deceptively governed today!!!

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Reviewer: Apeism is Stupid - favorite - October 24, 2013
Subject: Pure Propaganda...
This only looks like propaganda against the Republican Party, by not putting any faces of ugly liberals on your pictures. BUT, you can prove your not partisan, by giving an update, with Barack 'Insane' Obama as the main character, along with his peon socialist liberal followers... Howard Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Sebelius, John Kerry, Al Gore, the Clintons, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Beckel, Gwyneth Paltrow, Matt Damon, Rick Unger, Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Barbara Streisand, Danny Glover, Jane Fonda, Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Joy Behar Janeane Garofalo, Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Bill Maher, Michelle Obama, Warren Buffett, Bernanke, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Cecile Richards, Carole Brite, George Soros, and the list goes on... those people who are destroying the world with their lies and bribery money.

If you do an update, using greedy lying liberals also, I'll change my rating.
Reviewer: artstar274 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 8, 2013
Subject: The LITERAL Luciferians run the world
First of all it's all true. The Talmud is a satanist document and if you read history, not the propaganda history, you will see that the Zionists are bent on MORE genocide of every non-Jew(Luciferian) except the slaves that will be discarded when too weak. All wars and depressions in the last 300 years are planned and carried out by Zionists lead by the Rothschild devils. Communism/Fascism/Fabianism/NWO are ALL Jewish creations. In addition the Catholic Church(which is NOT Christian) is run by a brutal Jesuit(Francis, after Francis Xavier NOT Assisi) in service to the Zionists, who manage their money and have done so since the 1800's. World domination is their goal as well, they are ALL Luciferians. Look up Albert Pike,Mazzini, Weishaupt, Aleister Crowley, etc etc

Read the Geneva Bible, NOT those perverted by the Catholics and accept Jesus Christ as your one true savior before it's too late.

Creature from Jekyll Island
Dope, Inc
the banned books about Jesuits
The Greening
Final Judgement(JFK)
By Way of Deception
Synagogue of Satan
The Naked Capitalist
Tragedy and Hope
Anthony Suttons work
The Amazing Rockefellers
Addicted to War
Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow
Occult Theocracy
etc etc etc
Reviewer: EricJamesRainbolt1 - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 24, 2007
Subject: Note from Eric James Rainbolt - just a concerned individual.
First of all friends and kinfolks, I must make the point that the information presented in this shocking book/ebook is NOT ABOUT ME. I had NOTHING to do with the creation of the events listed in the book, this is just the unique set of patterned facts of world history.

I am an independent historian, and I have discovered a clearly unmistakable language used within history itself. This sounds bizarre of course, but this factual analysis accurately and clearly makes this case. The code language is used in manufacturing world history. This document outlines the patterned evidence proving that world history has been and is still manufactured.

The founding fathers of our country would be very saddened about the modern day use of such techniques by the world government.

I'm just a regular American guy, creative, and sometimes I did some stupid things, and sometime I did some smart things. I am even putting my life on the line or in potential crossfire to let you know something rather important, to benefit your safety /survival of you & your children.

There are some typos I just noticed I should correct here. The activism group is . is a premier news information source, and I left off a 'd' on the word 'timed'. Please contact me at if you want to chat with me personally.

Columbus was right, the Earth is round, but the world is run pyramidally. The illuminati psychopath elite class exists, and God has given them power to run the planet as of this time (Revelations 17:17) so He, The King of Creation, can remain maximally invisible. However, after recognizing this I was honored by the Father visiting me to discuss all this as I was writing my first book on this topic in 2005.


or here:

I only got to speak with Him for 15 minutes, but He already knew everything about me, so no time was wasted on me. It was incredible. Only a handful believe me about that real true-life experience. I sensed mercy from Him. He 'might' change his mind and deal with the hidden illuminati powermongers sooner than later. He even asked me "And who do you think should be saved?". I remained silent after He asked me that. I was too floored to answer. He said "Adolph Hitler?". I still could not answer as I was maximally dazed. Then He asked me twice: "No, right??" I could only concede with my eyes.

I know He is real, even though I have been paranoid discovering all this since 2005, and I left the country for 2 years to Guatemala, and returned in July 2007. I have now better coped and shedded all my fear of the global New World Order conspiracy. If the madmen network captures or kills me, oh well, at least this truth is out there in alot of hands already, on alot of harddrives and other storage devices so it can be readily uploaded again to Internet 2.0. I also feel I have a good chance at being granted an inheritance of being able to live forever in God's Spirit through a token of God's grace, as I believe so many will - again as I sensed much more Mercy from meeting the Father in person than I did from reading the rather demoniacally toned and horrid book of Revelations. If He allows Justice in THIS world, then he will surely be glorified in the eyes of many more, and Jesus none the less as well. I think He now considers people caring more about sports and goofiness than truth, enabling His currently invisible lack of care. "My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge." - Hosea 4:6. If people turn towards the deep aspects of truth however, they will also soon afterwards discover God the Father is Real, and the more people who love Him, the more loving He will be upon us. (II Chronicles 7:14) And read verse John 3:16 again. It's usually about how much God loves the world. He's the King. The universe is run as a hierarchy too. It's good to be King, like Mel Brooks once said in a movie. That's just the way it is. This is about the simplest expression of all this, and I don't try to evangelize anything else beyond that.

If you like horror movies or Harry Potter mysticism, you should enjoy being presented with the truth of our current REALITY here on Earth. I now just live day to day, hoping to see the world build its sanity in full, and use to solve the greenhouse gas and energy problems... etc...

In short, the question is: Is there any way to save our country from total ignorance and conspiratorial disaster?

All the logical indicators show me is that the American economy is about to go bust, like a balloon under the weight of a falling Republican war elephant, and all planned by those who control us all.

We are now governed by a "cryptocracy", and most people have no clue what a cryptocracy is.

"Crytocracy" is not even in the spell checker on my computer. What it is is a powerful shadow world government power, controlling the credit supply of the entire nation, setting future policy, terrorizing/bombing us/society into submission, getting the world into another world war, planning biological warfare on the populous, and eventually sicking a world government army against constitutionalists or protesters or people who don't wish to be shuttled off into concentration camps like they were in World War II.

This world government conspiracy has been managed by using deception tactics over the last 100 years. People who watch TV generally have no idea how the world has been metathesizing around them. Sounds like science fiction, but it is Orwell's 1984 in a more technocratic sense then even he wrote in his book.

So, I wrote this report clearly and unmistakably explaining this, along with supplying a gallery of artwork in the report to aid in comprehension.

The world is perpetually dominated in a basic 6 step process.

The elite illuminati international banking class:

1) Hire the bombers and intelligence agencies to help out the bombers.
2) Script each new event using the luciferian numerology set of 3, 7, 11, 13, 33, & 39/93.
3) Own and control the major TV, print, & radio media, pimping out the whole global brothel of media whores.
4) Hire or trick the patsy boogymen and employ cover up artists to project false blame some other group or nation. (next to be Iran)
5) Keep everyone always worried and on edge daily about issues of economic instability through the market and the media.
6) Lastly The People are spoon-fed Orwellian fiction through their TV's to get them to relinquish their children to fight and die in all these horrible wars. Secondarily the lies are reinforced ad-infinitum in the newspapers and on the radio, masking atrocity with a veneer of valor; effectively hijacking the psychology and feeling of patriotism itself.

Is this not the basic recipe of their world domination? Is there a critical step missing?

How can we all realistically hope for peace if the world's People dumbly refuse to realize their process?

Most people aren't even aware of step #6. They can't even tell a set of lies from truth, or most simply don't care. They appear not to mind being treated like dumb stupid animals and lied to time and time again. They would rather just endlessly mourn about the endless victims of the phony inside-job war on terror events.

If there is no God of Justice currently tending to the scene, is it not everyone's duty to at least educate ourselves? Please publish this if you wish. I don't mind putting myself in Nazi's crosshairs, because it would be less suffering then witnessing what they are going to do to millions of other men, women, and children (and the family dogs) too, next. I'm willing to give my body like an example, such as what Patrick Henry, a great Patriot of American lore, did.

Eric James Rainbolt, Chicago, Illinois (free ebook on the long history of the elite's world deceptions) (Radio interview with Keith about this Cryptocracy - highly accurate. Why can't everyone pass this around and d/l to their MP3 players? Everyone now has one or two! )

p.s. To remind just how screwed the whole continent and whole word to is, check this out... best real new reporting out there.

If there was any hope for our country before it is completely crushed and militarily overthrown, it would be through a rapid renaissance-like period of awareness and increase in knowledge, closer to the level where I am and some others are at already.

The attached report makes for excellent bathroom reading at the very least. I have gotten this reporting out there, but I am not cut out to be a one man band, and can't afford to be; as that would be a fruitless endeavor anyway.

The problem in a nutshell is that society has no clear idea of how they are governed, thereby diminishing their power extraordinarily.

Most people are resistant to the fact that they have been entirely bamboozled by a class of elites governing the world. They don't think an insane asylum or human zoo can be constructed as large as the world all around them with no doorway leading out. However, the facts always remain. Thank you for educating yourself, as we are all safer with increased knowledge, even though it is so easy to be constantly conned by slick politicians, as we also all already know.

Thanks for your understanding,
Eric James Rainbolt,
Chicago, Illinois
SSN: 342-58-7302
512.280.5835 (msgbox)

appendum note:


If you want to hear something that might leave
you dazed or with tingles all over you:

Great for the MP3 player!

The definition of "Cryptocracy" is and how we all are unaware that we are living under one is also fully explained.

Feel free to share/rehost/broadcast. Radio host can pick up the copyright free broadcast and get this critical knowledge out there to the public prior to the corrupt government's institution of martial law. It is free. Freedom should be free!
( MP3 & FREE FASCINATING book here )
not exactly your local news:
pure unrestricted talk radio:

As this discovery should be of interest to every high school student and above in the world, I sense that the government and those above it will wish to heavily suppress these findings in this very short, and if I may say so myself, quite revealing and interesting, booklet. A visual aid summary of the publication has also been made into a short 10 minute video. However, it is impossible for one man to inform the rest of the world of this. People have to be willing to donate at least a half hour of their time forwarding this information to all their friends, no matter what part of the world they live in.
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